Marketing Plan


Creating an Individualized Marketing Plan – Each and every property has its own unique qualities and characteristics.   It is important to show prospective clients that they too can make a home within your current house. Together we will tailor a marketing plan based on a number of factors including, location, style, size, target buyers, competition, and recently sold comparable properties.

Step One – Establish a Competitive Price – Based on your property’s condition, a price is established using a method called CMA -comparative market analysis.  This is a way to establish a current market value based on recently sold homes in your location.

Step Two – Prepare your house for public viewing– Preparing your house for photographs and public viewing is one of the most important tasks on your end.  Please refer to my list of tips: Ready Set Sell.

Step Three – Professional Photographs – Depending on the scale of your house, myself (BA in studio art) or a professional Photographer will take pictures of your house, inside and outside. Having superb pictures will help attract buyers and beat out the competition. Most people start their home search online using apps like Realtor, Zillow and Trulia. If potential buyers see a poor image they won’t take the time to click on your listing. These will be professional grade photographs which are high resolution images. Next to the asking price, pictures are the second most important aspect to getting your house sold.

Step Four – Floor Plan – We will measure each room of your house and design a floor plan. This will allow potential buyers to really understand the layout.

Step Five – Create a Website – A Website will be designed and advertised for your specific property (ex. We will display the website address right above the outdoor “for sale” sign, and also on all print advertisements.

Step Six – Property Brochure and Postcards– A color brochure will be designed with professional high resolution images, description, floor plan, plot plan, and any other pertinent information regarding your property.  A postcard (100) will be designed with a few pictures and your address.  We will add a QR code to direct potential buyers to your property’s website.  We will advertise with them at local cafes, neighboring homes, and other miscellaneous locations.

Step Seven- Wednesday Launch Day – Your MLS (multiple listing service) listing will be created and launched, typically on a Wednesday.  The listing will be advertised on all of the major real estate web sites.,,, and so many more.

Step Eight – Sunday Open House – Your home has two hours to leave a lasting impression on potential buyers. If all goes well and the price is right, this will hopefully lead to second showings and or offers.  Most people who like to privately search the web for homes will take note of your open house and visit if they are interested.

Optional – Step Nine – Tuesday Evening Offer Deadline – If you priced your house aggressively, then you may get multiple bids.  Having a deadline really pressures potential buyers into making an offer quickly. In this current market, the inventory is low and there are many buyers competing over the same properties, especially those that are priced to sell.  When a great property like yours is new to the market, it should get lots of activity and hopefully multiple offers.

Step Ten – Review any and all Offers – Once we have received all offers, we will review and choose the bid that suits you best.  You will most likely have six weeks before closing day.

The time frame your house is on the market depends on price, location, and market trends.  If you decide to take a risk, pricing your home on the high side, and your home isn’t getting any activity… it’s time to consider a price reduction.  Ultimately, the longer your home sits on the market the more likely it is to become a stale listing.  Each time you reduce your price, prospective buyers tend to assume that something is wrong with the house.  Buyers like NEW listings, not old ones.  To avoid the stale listing response, which results in a complete lack of interest, please consider pricing your home according to the current market value.