As Autumn beckons it’s brightly colored leaves, as does the last bit of property variety we are about to see hit the market before the snow begins to fall and Winter rears it’s ugly head. If you are a home buyer looking to purchase your next property in New England, this is a great season to scoop up your next home. Alternatively, if you are a seller looking to move-up or downsize, the Fall offers less competition with a comparable amount of buyers as the Spring. Here’s a list of what to expect when selling or buying your home during the Fall season:


  1. Expect less competition than the Spring market

  2. Multiple offers may not be relevant, so price your home according to market value

  3. Expect pickier buyers and consider a pre-sale home inspection

  4. Curb Appeal is still extremely important. Consider Pumpkins and Mums on the front steps and make sure bushes are pruned, gutters are clear and lawn looks neat and free of debris.

  5. If you are looking for the rush of Fall buyers, we recommend listing prior to Thanksgiving.


  1. Expect less competition than the Spring rush, but don’t assume you are the only buyer interested in properties during the Fall season. Autumn can bring about a rush of buyers looking to close on their next home before the Holidays, so you may still want to consider a competitive offer.

  2. Keep your eyes on the market. There is generally an end of year surge of properties in October and November.

  3. Have your pre-approvals ready to go and updated if necessary.

  4. Secure a buyers agent before visiting open houses. Should you find a home and not have an agent, you will likely not have great representation if you are leaning towards writing an offer with the listing agent.

  5. Don’t judge a house by the exterior pictures. Schedule a showing with your buyers agent and make an opinion and or decision once you've seen the home. Remember, Autumn is sometimes a drab and grey season with rain and chilly air, so it’s best to take a look in person with your agent.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to your feedback! As always, if you are looking for qualified Realtors to handle your next move, our CHR agents are ready to help! AGENTS