Cross Roads: The Modern Age of Real Estate.

As the years roll on, as does the evolution of home buying and selling. We have gone from a time where face to face communication was a requirement to a time where text communication is an expectation. Twenty five years ago the internet was a tool rarely used by consumers to search for homes, cell phones were only used by the privileged and social media was non existant. Now, we live in an age where the internet makes the earth spin, smart phones are a necessity and social media is the key to connection. Strictly speaking, in regards to the world of real estate, the internet is a means to an end in which we we are all connected 24 hours a day. We use the internet to distribute listings to the masses and it’s how buyers find their favorite homes and sellers find their favorite agents. Large real estate companies have built home search platforms which depend on buyers for their usage and sellers for their curiosity. As big box corporations continue to grow and dominate the real estate world, agents are drawn towards these companies for the promise of lead generation and local recognition, which for most, does not provide the promised ROI. 

This leads me to the universal predicament agents are now finding themselves struggling with; how can we reach sellers and buyers without lining the pockets of these large corporations? Some of which have an end game to actually put agents out of business with the use of automated and artificial representation. Millennials are blindly following the notion that an automated app used to submit offers is the bee’s knees. Simply put, agents need to be able to maintain an independent status offline. As realtors, we have a fiduciary duty to our future home buyers and sellers that goes beyond an app. Essentially, we need to show our millennials that there’s value to be had with utilizing an agent to represent their best interests, online and offline. Real estate agents are a knowledgeable resource for the average buyer and seller, and when implemented, can negotiate the best deals, assist in transaction management and ensure a smooth sale while maintaining communication between all transactional parties involved, included but not limited to: co-Broker, attorneys, title companies and lenders. 

We are currently seeing a huge shift in the industry because of our modern age struggle to secure clients when competing against huge corporations and the internet. Agents and brokerages are moving from one franchise to the next hoping for an “easy button” to conquer social media, ever changing algorithms, marketing and lead generation. With this shift, we are seeing a division between agents in our area with opposing mindsets. Some agents feel the only way to press forward in this industry is to join the big box brokerages and receive leads from the franchises who are aligning themselves with the mega real estate search engines. While others, like myself, feel the flexibility of an independent brokerage permits us to embrace modern tools while simultaneously maintaining our roots, by marketing ourselves on the internet and off the internet, without any franchise restrictions and without lining the pockets of said RE search engine companies. This is a sink or swim industry, and as such, it’s important for us to avoid becoming a lost fish in a deep sea of false promises.

Surely, we can all agree to find a happy medium between tradition and modern day technology. But, do we give in to the mega corporations who are trying to program us to think failure is imminent without their latest and greatest artificial intelligence app? Information and education is key, and through our efforts as an independent brokerage, I do believe we can make a difference in the mindset of buyers and sellers for generations to come. 

If you are looking to buy or sell and would like proper representation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our agents. Our CHR agents prioritize lasting relationships with our clients and we hope to continue our top notch service for many years to come. Thanks again for reading! -deb