Why Real Estate?

More often than not, we are asked by so many, Why Did You Choose Real Estate as a Career? We are forced to ask ourselves whether or not we should provide full details or just give a mundane response. For example,

Real Estate chose us!

Real Estate was my first love!

Real Estate has and always will be my calling!

We love working with buyers and sellers!

We love looking at homes!

So there you have it, a few typical responses you may have heard from your friendly neighborhood agent. If you want to spare yourself from my full explanation, now would be a great time to head on over to the CHR search page and browse some fantastic properties. Otherwise, read on and let us know why you admire real estate, chose real estate, or why you would love to choose real estate as your career of choice (please don’t tell us it’s because HGTV’s House Hunters found itself in your living room at late hours of the night.. or please tell us it did.. ha ha ha).

The truth is, real estate wasn’t my first love and it certainly won’t be my last! So, why is that I chose real estate, and why is it that I allow it to consume almost every waking hour of my life? I admire and respect real estate and all that it encompasses! When you take 10 different fields and combine it into one well rounded role with endless possibilities and a compass pointing in every which direction, that’s real estate and that’s why I choose to conquer and master all that it has to offer myself and so many others out there! When you couple end to end transaction management with marketing, advertising, website design, interior design, customer service, business management, networking and (insert one of your many roles below), you are left with a consistent complexity of careers all bundled into one broad category, known to so many of you as, the one and only - Real Estate - . So what does this all have to do with my decision to choose real estate as my career of choice? Well, it’s simple really. Real Estate provides me with endless possibilities all the while filling every need to challenge myself and conquer different fields without moving careers. Once I’ve mastered one field, I can maintain that knowledge, nurture it and continue to build on it. Meanwhile, developing new skills to further myself and benefit all those who live and work around me.

Are you still reading? I’m impressed! I’m so impressed that I’m about to attempt to recruit you! As a Real Estate agent working at CHR you will learn to apply and successfully implement a minimum of at least 10 different roles throughout your day. I’d love to tell you we can have you trained and ready for battle within a week. Thats just not the case and I’m sorry if you’ve been sold on that elsewhere. As an agent at Custom Home Realty we will provide you with individualized training to ensure your competence and confidence leads to your success. It doesn’t happen over night and it’s not a path you will succeed in unless you’ve made a conscious decision to completely dedicate your time to this field. If you are passionate about growing your career and willing to dedicate your time to this industry, we will help you master each role and conquer your local markets. A wise agent once told me,

What you put into Real Estate is what you’ll get out of Real Estate.

I took those words to heart and jumped in feet first. What will you do?

* Remember to comment! (let us know why you admire real estate, chose real estate, or why you would love to choose real estate as your career of choice. Also, if you have a role that you’ve mastered as an agent and would like to share, we’d love to hear!)